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1. Get into Coaching

As a Charter Standard Community club, the following guidelines MUST be observed from anyone volunteering to help with a team.

For ALL Volunteers

Your details should be registered with your team for the role that you play. It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure this information is kept up to date.

The latest information of those registered can be found HERE. If anyone is helping a team, their name and details should be on this list including their FAN (FA Number)

To amend details on this list, please send an email to or

Everyone registered as a volunteer with the club should be DBS checked. This will be instigated by and paid for by the club.

Everyone registered as volunteer should download and install HEJA on their mobile device and join the Amaranth Managers group. Please speak to any club official for more information.

Everyone registered as a volunteer should make every effort to attend the managers meeting held once a month (second Monday of the month).

For ALL junior teams with players below the age of 18.

All volunteers, whether performing coaching duties or other duties in support MUST have a club DBS check in place. it does not matter if you have separate DBS or welfare checks in place with other organisations (such as with your work), you must complete a DBS check with Amaranth.

This includes any regular roles undertaken such as refereeing matches or picking up cones during training In summary, if a junior player could see you as a person in a position of authority with the club, you should be DBS checked.

If you are involved in coaching, you must also complete the BT Playmaker course by England. This is a free online course. As part of the process to enrol, you will need to register for an FA Number (FAN) which is linked to your role at Amaranth. Your qualifications are automatically updated with the FAN.

It is a minimum required that all teams have a qualified coach at every sessions We encourage anyone involved in coaching sessions or matches to complete this and anyone wanting to run a team themselves will need this qualification.

The Introduction to coaching football course costs £160. The club will meet 50% of the cost of this for those people who have recently joined the club and will refund the other 50% after 12 months. If you have been involved with a team for more than 12 months already, we will consider meeting the full cost of this immediately.

As part of the introduction to Coaching football course, participants will complete a Safeguarding Children module and a First Aid in Football Module. These two course are renewed periodically (every 2/3 years) and you must take a refresher course.

If you are not taking the full Introduction to Coaching Football module, but you are involved with junior teams, you MUST take the Safeguarding Children course. The First Aid in football course is optional but recommended.

The club will meet the costs for anyone completing these course.

With all course, volunteers should make their own arrangements to book and pay for a suitable course and obtain a refund through the club treasurer. Please check first that you qualify for the club to meet these costs.

The DBS check, First Aid and Safeguarding qualifications expire after 2-3 years and must be renewed by yourselves when appropriate.

For ALL senior teams

As a registered volunteer with the club, a DBS check should be in place.

We encourage you to completer the Safeguarding Children and First Aid in Football module. Whilst in theory you do not have direct contact with children, you are part of a junior football club and may observe safeguarding issues either directly or indirectly.

Continued Professional/Personal Development (CPD)

There are a number of further qualifications and specialist options offered by the FA, such as a Level 2 in coaching or goalkeeping courses. We encourage you to seek opportunities for CPD, however if you are seeking suppoirt with funding for this, we will review on a case by case basis. Please raise this with a member of the Senior Committee.

IMPORTANT: Once you are registered with a FAN number, you can access the Whole Game System from the FA. You can see your correct level of certification and qualifications along with expiry dates by selecting 'Learning' in the top menu. It is your responsibilty to ensure you are correctly qualified for the role you undertake with the club.