Matchday - Home fixtures
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3. Matchday - Home fixtures

On a match-day it is the responsibility of the team manager to:

  • Ensure a RESPECT barrier is in place prior to kick off if required.
  • Ensure parents and supporters of both teams are stood behind the RESPECT barrier, and not behind the goals or on the coaching touchline during the match.
  • Place the corner flags and secure the goal nets, and return these to the storage cupboard after the match if no further fixtures are to be played on that day.
  • Ensure the pitch and grounds are clear of rubbish after each game.
  • Request both sets of supports park considerably (double park with people from the same team if possible) and marshal the car parking if required.
  • Ensure access to the area in front of the containers is kept clear for emergency vehicle to have access to the pitches if required.
  • Record fully any incident where a player or parent is injured using the Amaranth Accident forms and pass this to the Club Secretary.
  • Record the fixture in the book kept inside the clubhouse. A note must be made whenever the facilities or grounds are used for insurance purposes.


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