Pitch Bookings
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2. Pitch Bookings

To request a pitch, please post in HEJA on the relevant thread, or postin general if not thread created no later than 5pm on the Sunday before the game the following weekend. If your fixture has a restricted kick off time (e.g. Cup fixture) please specify this in the text.

Please note, kick off time requests cannot be guaranteed and are done on a best endeavour basis.

If managers do not request a pitch by 5pm on a Sunday, a pitch cannot be guaranteed the following weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: When you are allocated a time, this is the time you have been allocated to be at the club - NOT your kick off time. FOr example, if you have been given a slot of 11:30am - 1:30pm, your team and your opponents should not arrive before 11:30am. This is important as it allows for the turn around between games.

The pitch booking calendar can be viewed here. This will show which teams are on which pitches on any given day once confirmed.